At the start of 2014, the project "Royal Eyewear" commenced with the precise intent of changing the concept in the world of luxury of "the traditional jewel" A real challenge for the artist and his team; only five people have managed to achieve this milestone within eight months of hard work. The main obstacle in this great enterprise was the difficulty in uniting three totally different fields art, fashion and mechanics. Fundamental for the success of his work were the passion and love that Marco had for the noble art, the same he transmitted to his children and to his faithful collaborators.
A tangible love, an occasion for anyone to see close up and touch, one of these incredible works.

The three “ROYAL EYEWEAR” families


represents the maximum quality in the royal eyewear selection and is made exclusively of a single piece enriched with very rare high quality precious stones. This series represents also the most versatile as it can be studied and made to measure by the client himself, thus doing so the relationship between the artisan jeweller and the commissioning client is recreated as it was in the past.


this category includes all the royal eyewear but in a limited edition of between 5 to 30 variable pieces. They are true artistic creations, studied in minute detail giving life to an elegant and luxurious brand of eyewear. On request, we can personalize the eyewear with initials or a family coat of arms reproduced in acetate.


thought of and made for those looking for a sober and sportive model as before it is made in a limited edition of 5 to a maximum of 99 variable pieces offering also the possibility of personalizing them with initials in acetate.