The main phase was an extensive research on the topic of “ancient Greek mythology”, pillar of the four styles, which inspired the story of each pair of glasses told by the usage of symbols. This marked the character of each pair of glasses giving it ‘soul’, transmitted by the artist, which made it unique, fascinating and a guardian of a mystery hidden in them. Each model is made with three different types of gold 18kt. (White, Yellow and Red).
The diamonds, which were chosen and used, were carefully selected after a long and meticulous choice: they were cut to perfection in order to achieve an extremely high gloss, which included the top three grades of the scale color (D-E-F) and with considerable purity levels (between IF and Vs). A pair of glasses is composed on average from 20 gold parts, divided from one another; obtained thanks to the “lost wax casting”: an ancient technique widely used in jewellery, dating back to The Bronze Age, and which was mastered two thousand years ago by the Greeks and the Chinese. The finishing steps are very complex and confer to the more compactness and surface gloss of the treated parts. At this point, after carefully polishing comes the joining and the welding of the pieces. This occurs in two-steps in a state of complete cleanliness. First pre-welding by laser the various components of the glasses, then the use of a flame that gives greater resilience and reliability.
Each model enhanced with engravings filled with the “enameling” technique or with wonderful ceramic inserts. The first process consists in the art of combining a glass type material to a metal surface; and then to obtain a perfect contrast between the luster of the metal and the transparency of the enamel. The origin of this technique dates back to the ancient Egyptians, around 2800 BC, and is a particularly attractive means to express artistic creativity. The high-quality ceramic inserts are entirely shaped by hand, until they are attached perfectly in the cavities previously engraved in the metal, to create a sweet contrast to the beautiful fretwork created on the plate. To customize the templates the presence of a micro-sculpture in the center of the piece also helps in designing the god or the mythological creature in which the eyewear describes the adventure. These sculptures, thanks to the great amount of detail obtained in such a small surface, can capture the observer who is carried away by the charm of mythology. Even acetates, which complete this sublime work, are chosen by Italian eyewear craftsmen to match perfectly with the highest quality of all the precious metal parts.