Four pairs of glasses made in several versions, were presented at the world premiere at Madonna di Campiglio, from the 3rd to 10th of January 2015. They are designed based on historical recognition of the creatures in the mythical Greek pantheon, which had been inspired by two main themes: Navalia and Poseidon by the “Genius Loci”; Medusa and Argo by the “Power of the Gaze”, all tied together by small iconographic clues. The Metamorphosis collection has been accomplished in over a year of research, design and manufacturing.

Five people worked hard for a total of 11.680 hours, by using almost 2kg of 18k noble metal. 2.125 Extremely high quality diamonds were set in 9.000 micro-prongs, for a total of 69,06 ct. The collection will be limited, to only 30 pieces each variant (color and model), giving way to new models, thus making each series more rare and prestigious. This imprints the character of each eyewear, giving it Its very own “soul” transmitted by the artist and making it a fascinating unique custodian of the mystery hidden within it.

“The metamorphosis collection’’ wants also to proudly proclaim that all the models have been wholly produced in Italy: the well-known “MADE IN ITALY” brand.