The Master Goldsmith, Marco Mancini, approaches the Goldsmiths world and its art for the first time in 1978. That day marked his future, and it was not long after that, when he became known for his technical and artistic skills in the industry. His passion for this art took him on long and endless journeys, to search and discover new techniques and tools, which he could apply to create his unique and valuable jewellery This passion led him also to produce complex and spectacular work, such as; precious crowns, pastoral crosses, shrines and a book dedicated to his hometown, where Master Marco has his roots. In 2009 Alessandro and in 2012 Sara, Marco’s children decided to follow their father’s footsteps and join the family business, they wanted to be involved in the creation of these works of art. This gave the Master a new force and strength that made him bring his company, which has been operating for the past thirty years, to the next level: the creation of a new brand recognized worldwide and aimed at the world of luxury.

The artist began his career with the name “Marco L’orafo” (Marco the Goldsmith), basing all his work using the initial of his name “M” as his brand. After the creation of his masterpiece “Navalia” he reached his artistic maturity and approached the use of symbolism, to tell the history of the jewels. In 2002, he met with Master Rosmundo Giarletta, who eventually became a close friend rather than a colleague.
Marco describes him as his brother. From here the second evolution created, the name “MARCO gioielli d’Arte”, showing a head of a lion holding a ring in its jaws, (mooring cleat) a faithful reproduction of the sculpture by Master Jacopo Dell’Opera which dates back to 1519.