• Rivista Campiglio
Rivista Campiglio

Royal Eyewear was ready for its official debut in Madonna di Campiglio. With the help of the local tourism association, the thirteen pieces of the “Metamorphosis collection” were put on display from 3 to 10 January 2015, in conjunction with Christmas in Russia, in 13 of the resort town’s most prestigious hotels and in the town square. Each of the pieces was placed in its own elegant, black display case made especially for the occasion, and the event was as successful as the organizer had hoped. Tourists were excited to see something so different and asked where they could see more, many of whom took photos of the various models on display. Indeed the eyewear that Mancini Luxury Jewels presented for the first time in MAdonna di Campiglio was definitely unique. Being limited to just thirty pieces for each variation available makes these beautiful objects even more precious, alluring and mysterious.

Force Blue motor Yacht

The Force Blue's precious rooms host the "new vision" of the Jewel: ROYAL EYEWEAR!

  • Olsztyn 2016
  • Olsztyn 2016
  • Olsztyn 2016
  • Olsztyn 2016
Olsztyn 2016

Mancini Luxury Jewels for the first time in Poland. Przystań Hotel & Spa in Olsztyn, set next to a picturesque Ukiel Lake, have hosted the prestigious jewel eyewear collection “Metamorfosi Collection” providing an opportunity, for a carefully selected guest, to admire these original and innovative creations with their own eyes. The Royal Eyewear Have been exhibiting in eight, elegant wood and crystal showcases covered by delicate black cloths. The important task of introducing the collection was entrusted to a very talented presenter Mr. Andrea Busignani who, thanks to his narrative skills, captivated and fascinated the guests, who didn’t hide their amazement at the moment of discovering the models. Special thanks to all event organizers: Technology Holding Warsaw Sp. z o.o., Wojarska Aleksiejuk & Wspólnicy Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców  Prawnych and Michael/Ström brokerage house.
Photography by : Mr. Arkadiusz Stankiewicz, czarnaoffca studio.

  • Luxury lifestyle magazine “Italia
Luxury lifestyle magazine “Italia"

Three pages entirely devoted to "Mancini Luxury Jewels" in the December issue of luxury lifestyle magazine "Italia": the magazine dedicated to the world of "Made in Italy" Luxury. We will return in the upcoming March issue with another exciting article.