These glasses are named after the god of the sea “Poseidon”, he who had the ability to unleash and calm storms, cause earthquakes and to protect the navigation of the sailors who passionately prayed him. It is important to notice the extreme lightness of the glasses, made possible by the fi ne fretwork. The two end pieces, embellished with diamonds, take up the shape of the trident (weapon used by Poseidon), connecting two oval shaped trims and finely surrounded by diamonds. The micro-sculpture and ornamentation of Poseidon represented in the aspect of a bearded man holding a trident, whose strong muscles betrayed by a slight swelling of the abdomen that embodies his ancient origins. Accompanied by other micro-sculptures of dolphins, hidden between trims and gallery, that are only visible when the temple-eyewear is closed. The ceramic inserts seen on the oval gallery enhanced with the effect of bright colors, a dolphin that wraps a trident in the middle of a coral-made perforation. Not only the dolphin represents the forces of good, as occurs when seawaters are calm, but a particular episode rises it to the emblem of sentimental love.
The myth says that Poseidon, to convince the beautiful Nereid Amphitrite to marry him, sends the Dolphin to Mount Atlas. The god of the sea, grateful to him and for the success of its mission, places him in the sky, creating a constellation, but to complete the reading of the myth is the coral, a symbol of life, considered a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates desire and produces fertility. Its origins are incredible, it seems the result of contact between a tiny marine twig and Medusa’s head, the Gorgon which merged with Poseidon in the temple of
Athena; she created also the winged horse Pegasus and the giant Chrysaor.

POSEIDONE: 3 Different Versions
18 Kt. Gold: 34 gr
Brillant cut diamonds: 1,80 ct.
Lenses: Divel or Zeiss (Certified)
Cellulose Acetate
Limited Edition: 30 pieces

(* Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of Precious Gemstones and gold are indicative and may vary).