Navalia, the first model of the extraordinary eyewear collection is inspired by the “Genius Loci”, which embodies the Non-Olympic Gods or spirits of each place and to which the Greeks and Latins recognized the ability to infl uence people who have it and guiding them
to fulfi ll their destiny. This eyewear of the “mask” type, shows the intense bond between the goldsmith Marco Mancini and his hometown Civitavecchia. Navalia, were in fact anaval army of the Roman period, which were located in the port of Civitavecchia.
The regal feline (old cleat), placed as a trim on two temples is a symbol of strength and power, that evokes with his mane the life giving solar fl are and represents the emblematic animal for the company.
Custodian of the historical identity and tradition opens the door to new creations, sealing the union between jewellery and eyewear. The lions acquire the status of Gorgonian, protecting the precious object and the wearer.

NAVALIA: 3 Different Versions
18 Kt. Gold: 48 gr. (White, yellow or rose)
Brillant cut diamonds: 3,20 ct.
Lenses: Divel or Zeiss (Certified)
Cellulose Acetate
Limited Edition: 30 pieces

(* Colors, acetates and lenses may vary without notice. The weight of Precious Gemstones and gold are indicative and may vary).